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Tree cachaça is produced in Pirapetinga Minas Gerais.

We combine innovation, tradition and sustainability.

The crop with the planting of selected varieties of sugar cane, without the use of chemical adjectives.

Distillation made in copper stills essential to develop the bouquet of the drink, where only the noblest elements are destined to be part of it.

Stored for at least 6 months in stainless steel tanks before being bottled or sent to maturation in oak and amburana barrels of controlled origin.

The result of this process is a clean product, pleasant to drink neat, with ice or as a base for drinks.

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copo bola.png
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From the field to the glass, from harvest to distillation, through grinding to fermentation and distillation, we carefully execute all production practices to deliver you a new universe of flavors.

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